Just Add Shiraz Sparkle!

Where else can you have FUN, improve your HEALTH, make NEW friends & increase your own SELF-ESTEEM in a safe, non-judgemental environment?
Shiraz Bellydance Are More Than Just A Dance School!  Here's Why...


Bellydance Tribaret classes are  a fusion of cabaret & tribal styles for all levels.  
Free style classes to a funky Lebanese beat.  Learn to improvise.
Belly Fit class is a cardio workout to a Bellydance beat.
The Shiraz Inner Circle is a important part of the Unique Shiraz Bellydance experience. Shiraz students exclusively are mentored to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their classes and also have access to tools, tips and materials to enhance their dance experience.  This is exclusive to the Shiraz Bellydance Studio.


Shiraz Bellydance offers entertainment packages for all styles of celebrations

  • Bellydance Birthdays for big and little girls to party.
  • Harem Hens parties where your guests learn a few bellydance moves.

 Sandy can provide the hip scarves to make the party sparkle with a drop of Shiraz pizzazz. Gift for the host.


Shiraz Bellydance offers an exciting fusion series of choreography and costume workshops.

Choose from a range of fusion styles from burlesque to flamenco with costume workshops designed to complement the styles of dances.

Combine them to create a master class 1 day event for you and your dancers.

Team Training:

Let Shiraz Bellydance facilitate your next team training event.

Sandy is an experienced qualified corporate trainer who has combined her love of bellydance to create a unique team training event.

There is nothing like creating a dance together to make a team work effectively and improve communications with their audience – your customers.

Sandys Bellydance Biography

Sandy began bellydancing in 2000. Since then she has been taught by a some of the best teachers in Australia and performed extensively in Australia and travelled overseas to dance and learn.  Career highlights to date include:

  • Workshops with Egypt's premier bellydance choreographer Aida Nour in Cairo
  • Attended MED Australia's biggest belly dance festival as a performer and workshops participant
  • Bellydance Costume designer and manufacturer
  • Accredited bellydance teacher by Shemiran Ibrahim
  • Member of the Babaloynia tribal bellydance troupe in Adelaide
  • Experienced performer and teacher in a number of dance styles as Lebanese, Egyptian, and Turkish dance
  • Attended dance events in Egypt, Turkey and Spain
  • Fraser Coasts only tribaret bellydance fusion performer and teacher
Bellydance Is Cheaper Than Therapy
Shemiran Ibrahim Bellydance From The Heart format


 “I believe in bringing the bellydance spirit alive in the women I teach. This is why have I become an accredited bellydance teacher with Shemiran Ibrahim’s Bellydance from the Heart format.”Sandy

“I encourage teachers to go into teaching Belly Dance because they have a burning passion for this beautiful and ancient dance, together with a calling to be of service to women, and a heart yearning to pass on something precious.” Shemiran Ibrahim

“I really like how the class is taught. Focus on technique, good easy pace, and interpretation of music. A good escape from the mundaneness of the working week!”  Student requested to stay anonymous. Term 2-2010

“She is a brilliant teacher. She teaches you not only technique but how to express femininity and emotion through dance. Shemiran is an inspiration to all women.” “Teacher of the Year 2006” Student Vote, Sydney Student name withheld by Awards officials

Shiraz BellyDanceThe Health Benefits Of 
Shiraz Bellydance

Bellydance is FUN!!
Why limit yourself to workouts in the gym only when you can burn calories and enjoy all the other great benefits that come along with bellydance.

Improve self esteem and image.
Learning new things and accomplishing goals like bellydance can be very rewarding. The movements in bellydance draw you into an intimate relationship with your body and may help to overcome blockages and a negative self image.

Build coordination and get smarter.
Seriously! Dance works the right and left hemispheres of the brain together, it builds neuropathways that can increase memory and learning ability.

Boost Immunity!
Exercise, including dance, is the primary way to move lymphatic fluid in our bodies, in turn promoting better health of the entire lymphatic system which is key to having a healthy immune system.

Beat the blues.
Taking time to do something nice for yourself like treating yourself to a dance class along with being in the social environment of others is an effective way to beat the blues and blahhs.

Build bones!
Bellydance, and dance in general, is a weight bearing exercise, the kind of exercise critical in helping prevent Osteoporosis.
My Promise To You . . .
shiraz_200x117“If after completing a continuous term at class and Shiraz Circle; you don’t feel more encouraged in your dance journey, I will give you 1 class per week at my expense. I believe in you.